LNP Shortchanges Maranoa Again

After six years of LNP cuts and chaos, and just six weeks before an election, this budget was Scott Morrison’s last chance to reverse his cuts to the services that everyday Queenslanders rely on.

Instead Scott Morrison has delivered an election con, filled with same LNP cuts.

Labor candidate for Maranoa Linda Little said the budget has locked in cuts to local schools, hospitals and apprenticeships and training.

“There’s only one way to put it – Maranoa is missing out,” Mrs Little said.

“The LNP have cut more than $160 million from Queensland hospitals, putting extra strain on our hard-working doctors and nurses.

“In Australia’s most decentralised state, the Morrison LNP Government has offered no support to training our future doctors in regional and rural Queensland.”

Mrs Little saidthere are zero dollars allocated for new infrastructure in Maranoa in 2019.

“While the LNP continue to underfund projects in Queensland, they are spending billions on similar projects in Victoria and New South Wales.

“What’s clear from this budget is that Scott Morrison only has a plan to try and get re-elected, not a plan for the future of Queensland.

Mrs Little said Maranoa is growing and we need that investment now, not way out in the never-never.

“There is billions of dollars that doesn’t flow to Queensland for at least five years.

“It has been locked away until 2022, which means shovels will not hit the ground on vital projects that are needed now.” A Shorten Labor Government will have different priorities.

Our Fair Go Action Plan will put people first.

If elected Labor will….

  • Fix our schools and hospitals – Restore funding cut by the LNP to ensure every community has quality public schools and hospitals.
  • Ease pressure on family budgets – Tax breaks for workers, not the top end of town.
  • Stand up for workers – Reverse cuts to penalty rates and crack down on abuse of labour hire and 457 visas.
  • Invest in cheaper, cleaner energy – More renewables to put downward pressure on power prices
  • Build a strong economy that works for us all – Make the top end of town pay their fair share, so we can build new infrastructure and give workers a fair go

MEDIA CONTACT: Linda Little 0472 914 541

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