Linda Little at Roma Woolworths looking at the milk David Littleproud is encouraging people to buy.

Labor Candidate Calls Out Littleproud on Milk

The Federal Government is letting down dairy farmers, according to Labor candidate for Maranoa, Linda Little.

Little says that there are parallels between the dairy industry and the decline of car manufacturing in Australia.

“This government stood by and watched as the last of Australia’s great vehicle manufacturers closed down in this country.

“The same thing is happening with dairy farming.  Before we know it we will be importing milk from overseas.  All that (Minister) Littleproud can offer is to suggest that people don’t buy from Coles and Aldi.

“Clearly that strategy is not working”, Little said.  “Sometimes the market works perfectly.  Other times the market gets it horribly wrong.  This is one of those times.  The government should be standing shoulder to shoulder with farmers rather than sitting back and watching the industry collapse”.

The Labor party has promised to have the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommend options for dairy industry regulation, to guarantee the survival of dairy farmers.  This would include a minimum price that farmers are paid for their milk.

Local member for Maranoa and Federal Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud, was embroiled in controversy this week when it emerged that he owned shares in Woolworths, the company that he was encouraging people to exclusively buy their milk from.


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